Professional WordPress Plugin Developers

Our team of highly skilled WordPress experts can build you a secure, reliable plugin that is tailored to your specific requirements.


Integrated Plugin Development for your business

Custom Plugins

We can develop a WordPress Plugin to meet your specific needs. If you have a very unique business requirement that has no existing solution, we can build it to your exact requirements.

White label Plugins

Do you have an online service you would like to integrate with WordPress? A Plugin offering of your own allows WordPress users to extend their website to access your online service.

Plugin Extensions

Do you have an existing plugin that does some of what you need, but is lacking some key functionality? We can build a separate plugin that effectively extends the functionality to meet your requirements.


Our experienced team can build a plugin to integrate and extend the functionality of WooCommerce, from shipping to payment gateways and much, much more.


Are you using a third party plugin that's no longer maintained and is now incompatible with your site? We can update the code to the latest specs.


We provide ongoing support for plugins we develop. Technology doesn't stand still, we can update your plugin to keep it compatible and secure with the latest WordPress.

WooCommerce Plugin Developers


Atomic Web Strategy is an approved WooCommerce Vendor.   We sell a number of plugins on the WooCommerce Marketplace  including:

 If you require functionality added to WooCommerce, we can build it!

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Do you have an API service you are looking to add to the WordPress or WooCommerce ecosystem?   Or possibly you are looking to integrate your WordPress site with an online service?  Our team of WordPress specialists can build plugins to connect with third party APIs, providing a seamless integration.

Best Practice

Our team always develop with best practices in mind.  We always code to standards and use WordPress / WooCommerce best practices.  Our processes ensure your plugin will be optimised for compatibility, performance and importantly reducing the risk of introducing any security vulnerabilities.



Professionally coding plugins from scratch that are tailored to your needs using best practice.

Modifying existing plugins to better fit your business requirements.

Building plugins to integrate your website with other technologies such as APIs and databases.

Ongoing maintenance and support for plugins to ensure they continue to function as expected.

Auditing and securing plugins to protect against hacking and malware attacks.

Optimisation the performance of plugins to improve website speed and overall performance.

Conducting testing of plugins to ensure compatibility with different software, browsers and devices.

Documentation and training on the use and management of plugins.

Services to upgrade and migrate plugins to new versions and platforms.

Resolving errors or bugs that arise with any plugins you are using.


Custom WordPress Plugin Experts

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